07.46 Europe/London, August 23, 2011 By Robert Briel

Dee Forbes
Discovery Networks International (DNI) has announced that, on a going forward basis, the managing director role in its four regional businesses will be named president and managing director.

Mark Hollinger, president and CEO of Discovery Networks International, made the change to more accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities of this position in the respective regional businesses – Asia Pacific, CEEMEA (Central & Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa), Latin America U.S. Hispanic and Western Europe, and the scale of the business overall.

As recently reported, DNI’s second quarter 2011 earnings grew 20% to $368 million (€255.8 million), which contributed significantly to Discovery’s overall growth.

Kasia Kieli

For the managing directors, their roles and responsibilities have evolved from a suite of linear channels to focused operations across multiple platforms with varying business models, including the core linear channels, digital terrestrial TV or free to air networks like Real Time in Italy, the rollout of Discovery’s female flagship, TLC, and the entertainment channel, LIV.

In addition, the regional businesses are working with Discovery’s international licensing arm, Discovery Enterprises International, to ensure cross-platform brand awareness and increased revenue in licensing and programme sales.

The executives and their new titles are: Dee Forbes, president and managing director, Discovery Networks Western Europe; Tom Keaveny, president and managing director, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific; Kasia Kieli, president and managing director Discovery Networks CEEMEA (Central & Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa); and Henry Martinez, president and managing director, Discovery Networks Latin America and US Hispanic.

The title change is effective immediately and their roles and responsibilities stay the same.