Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 23-08-2011

Mexico's private national broadcaster TV Azteca has launched a series of international HD channels which will become available within the coming months.

HD versions of channels Azteca Internacional and Azteca Novelas will be available on every cable systems in Latin America, expanding the channel offering for its subscribers. They will be at the spearhead of battling against Televisa, TV Azteca's main competitor, which for years was the only big Mexican broadcaster in delivering content abroad.

Azteca Novelas is a 100% telenovela channel that gives viewers the chance to enjoy Azteca's latest telenovelas, as well as all-time hits. The channel broadcasts 24/7 all year round for the whole continent.

Channel Azteca Internacional distributes TV content for millions of Latin American viewers, delivering programming in Spanish language from channels Azteca 14 and Azteca 7, including telenovelas, contest shows, music specials, entertainment, news, reality shows and the Mexican football league, among its main popular contents.