Editor ©RapidTVNews | 24-08-2011

The influence of the advertiser-revered Generation X of 34- to 45-year-old consumers has been revealed to extend to both traditional YV and digital media, especially online video

A new report from eMarketer, Gen X: Demographic Profile and Marketing Approaches, has found that Gen X members are as comfortable with digital as with traditional media. From a marketing perspective, as well as being heavy users of digital services, they also watch more TV than any other age segment.

The market research firm advises that while no brand should leave TV out of the media mix when targeting these consumers, who are in the prime of their earning and spending potential, a brand would also be wise to include online video for which Gen X constitutes the largest audience.

Overall, eMarketer forecasts that 74.2.% of Gen X internet users will watch online video at least monthly in 2011, and that percentage is expected to grow to 80% by 2015. In absolute numbers, this represents audience growth in the period of 5.2 million to 48.5 million online video viewers.

“To effectively engage with Gen X, brands need a strategy that incorporates multiple channels—including mobile, social media and online video—with authentic, relevant messaging,” the analyst suggested in the report.