Editor ©RapidTVNews | 24-08-2011

As part of its plans to take leadership in the connected home space, Pace has launched new HD set-top boxes (STBs) designed to support an advanced viewing experience for pay-TV subscribers.

The connected home is a key target area for Pace and the new boxes can be used as standalone HD STBs or as IP clients within a home network. This is designed to offer operators the business benefit of supplying a single set-top box now, but with the option to incorporate it into a wider home network as they develop services that users will hopefully increasingly adopt.

Such services envisaged include over the top (OTT) , on demand and broadcast content in HD and/or 3D. In addition the IP ready boxes are said to be designed to integrate seamlessly into Wi-Fi, Powerline or coaxial networks and receive content via IP and traditional broadcast. Options include an 802.11n wireless HD IP client, a Powerline home networking HD IP Client and an Ethernet/MOCA HD IP Client.

Commented Darren Fawcett, chief technical engineer, Pace: “Pay-TV companies across the globe want to provide entry level STBs at one end, but also cater for the consumer who wants to light up all screens with a great pay-TV experience. The challenge for operators is how to achieve the right economics and a consistent quality of experience, while ensuring their systems are simple to install and operate.”