Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 24-08-2011

Continuing the authenticated services trend, principals at Warner Bros. and MGM are launching the Hollywood Suite premium movie service, a 24/7, multiscreen HD initiative launching across Canada in November.

Hollywood Suite will be the "exclusive home" of movie channels from both Warner Bros. and MGM, the studios said. Viewers will pay their cable, satellite or IPTV operator the subscription fee for access to 450 different movie titles every month through TV VOD, online and on mobile devices. Pricing and packaging will be announced closer to launch.

The subscription will cover several channels: Warner Films, the MGM Channel (showcasing a range of movies including gems from Hollywood’s golden age, Hollywood Storm (devoted to action flicks) and Hollywood Festival, devoted to critically acclaimed independent and major studio romance and relationship films

"These channels are designed to meet the strong audience demand for movies across all platforms and support Canada’s television service providers," said Hollywood Suite Chairman and Co-founder Jay Switzer, in a statement. "With a number of leading financial backers including Alliance Films, and with studio support from Warner Bros., MGM, and Alliance, as well as many Canadian producers, we know these channels will be exceptionally well received in Canada."