08.31 Europe/London, August 24, 2011 By Julian Clover

Pace is launching a new range of set-top boxes that double as HD receivers or IP clients within a home network. The Saltaire-based developer said the units would enable operators to supply a single set-top now, with the option to incorporate it into a wider home network as they develop their services. They have been developed for use with cable, satellite and terrestrial front ends.

Darren Fawcett, chief technical engineer, Pace, commented: “Pay-TV companies across the globe want to provide entry level set-top boxes at one end, but also cater for the consumer who wants to light up all screens with a great pay-TV experience. The challenge for operators is how to achieve the right economics and a consistent quality of experience, while ensuring their systems are simple to install and operate.”

The new boxes are Wi-Fi, Powerline and coaxial network ready, and receive content via IP and traditional broadcast. Options include an 802.11n wireless HD IP client, a Powerline home networking HD IP Client and an Ethernet/MOCA HD IP Client.

Pace is continuing to evolve its product range and is now clearly leaning towards IP connectivity with the purpose of future proofing those operators not yet ready to launch IP delivered services.