Editor ©RapidTVNews | 25-08-2011

The country may be challenged by economics, but TV looks to be no Greek tragedy as leading local operator OTE is deploying an enhanced on-demand service across 16 different locations.

The Conn-X TV service is powered by a multi- tiered content delivery network across 16 locations throughout the country. OTE is Greece's largest telecom operator with over 3.5 million fixed lines subscribers and is enbling its on-demand TV services in partnership Espial with whom it is implementing the latter's MediaBase including multi-tier video streaming, content delivery networking and automated asset transfer based on popularity.

In the new roll out, OTE has deployed one central site with several edge sites aiming to benefit from the automated, multicast content distribution capability of MediaBase which is designed for efficient network utilisation of any VOD platform. OTE is also using the multi-tiered video streaming architecture to store long tail content centrally and popular assets locally. This is designed to provide the optimal capex formula for OTE as it can deploy edge sites with minimal hardware.

The system also enables automated transfer of assets from the central cluster to edge clusters based on popularity and demand for a particular. It also allows operators to separate their hardware and software investment unlike VOD servers based on proprietary hardware.