22.48 Europe/London, August 24, 2011 By Robert Briel

Belgian cable operator Telenet is now rolling out its Yelo Live TV streaming service to smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs for all its subscribers. The introduction follows a test period, which started last December.

During the first few months, Yelo offered ten channels streamed to screens across the home. The offer consisted of VRT één, Ketnet/Canvas, NJAM, Disney, Studio 100, Acht, Prime Sport, Eurosport, Discovery Channel and BBC Entertainment; later TMF, MTV and Nickelodeon were added as well as Telenet’s own Prime Sports Golf channel,

The multimedia platform enables digital TV customers to watch their programmes and videos wherever they are in the home, on a computer, on an iPad or an iPhone. In addition, Yelo (pronounced ‘yellow’) offers a range of services, such as an electronic programme guide, programming the PVR remotely and video-on-demand.

Although the service is now available to all digital customers, the operator still considers it to be a pilot and no charge is made for the streaming service.

Last July, Belgacom TV also introduced a similar service called TV Overal (TV Everywhere), at the moment only available for Android and iPhones. Belgacom’s service consists of 14 streaming channels, VRT één, Canvas/Ketnet, Acht, Nick Jr, Belgacom Zoom, RTL TVI, Club RTL, Plug, Trace, Canal J, MCM, Tiji, AB3 and AB4