Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 26-08-2011
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Futuresource Consulting have initiated new research into the key business challenges and future opportunities for European broadcasters in an evolving market.

The two organisation claim that their work will be the first study of its kind within the broadcast industry and will shed light on the shifting broadcast marketplace, consolidation, cost pressures and potential new revenue streams for the industry, as well as how buying behaviours may be changing on account of financial pressures. Explained Lieven Vermaele, Director, EBU Technology & Development: "In light of the many changes in broadcast technology and channels over recent years, this study will provide the foundations for new growth.

From broadcast purchase decisions with major strategic implications, to identifying operational issues and solutions." "There is no doubt that the broadcast industry is evolving in a number of key areas," added Andrew Snoad, Director of Custom Solutions, Futuresource Consulting. "From an infrastructure perspective, the move from traditional broadcast equipment towards IT solutions continues to impact.

Content delivery is also facing challenges. In recent years, the number of channels has skyrocketed. Traditional viewing may be challenged by a whole host of new platforms such as smartphone, PC and tablet. However, there are many opportunities for broadcasters to exploit additional revenue streams, and this is a driving force behind the research study." The study's findings are set to be delivered towards the end of 2011.