Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 26-08-2011

Colombian private national broadcaster Caracol Televisión's adaptation of the Endemol format "My Name Is" premiered on August 22nd and reported results that confirm the big momentum entertainment formats are currently enjoying in Latin American pay TV.

The show reached 42.7 % of the share in prime time.

"Yo me llamo" ("My Name is") is a contest show that seeks a passionate music star that is just like his or her favorite music idol. Judges are actress-model Amparo Grisales, impersonator Luz Amparo Álvarez and music agent Jairo Martínez.

"From all music formats, this has a special ingredient, which is to gather people who share the same passion: to sing exactly like their favorite artists. Caracol decided to start looking for these kinds of artists with a talent for music rather than for comedy, driven by the absolute success achieved by the Chilean version, which guided the local production," said Juan Esteban Sampedro, entertainment director at the company.