Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 26-08-2011

It is already been nearly two years since Spanish Grupo Planeta's Antena 3 and Mediapro's laSexta have been speaking about merging to create a big TV group being able to compete with Telecinco-Cuatro merger, some one and a half year ago now.

Antena 3 and laSexta have come back to the conversation table to speak about this subject according to the newspaper 'Expansion' quoting sources near both companies.

These conversarion are being maintained ober the valuations that give Antena 3 between 80% and 85% of the new group merged, apart from the executive posts of all the key posts.

On the other hand according to the new deal the editorial group Planeta-DeAgostini, now controlling 44,6% of Antena 3, places itself as the first shareholder of the new TV group with a stake in between 35,6% and 37,9%, while UFA Film (formerly RTL) would be second with a stake in between 16,4% and 17,4%. Now if Mexican biggest audiovisual group Televisa, having 40,5% of laSexta, went alone to this operation it would become the third shareholder of this merger on controlling between 6% and 8,1% of the new TV group after the merger.

One of the key factors for the conversations to come back is the long economic crisis which is weakening the Spanish networks especialy the smaller ones.

Second comes the financial weakness of laSexta and also the presure by Televisa, its Mexican partner with 40% of the capital.

If this merger finally happens Spain audiovisual advertising market would be enormouly concentrated since nearly 85% of the advertising incomes would be only in the hands of two groups, Mediaset Spain (Telecinco and Cuatro) which has gotten 43% of the TV investments during the first half of this year, and Antena 3 and laSexta, which would come up with another 41% of the market.