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Thread: Coolstream Update v1.00

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    Coolstream Update v1.00

    Coolstream Update v1.00

    German to english translation

    Cool Stream Update v1.00
    config.txt <- Sample config.txt
    CoolstreamUpdate.exe <- program
    CoolstreamUpdate.ini <- Default INI
    CoolstreamUpdate.gif <- Screen
    Info.txt <- This information
    General information:
    This program and the corresponding INI may also ask if no further
    be. The INI file can be edited and modified by his own request.
    This program is freeware and was delivered without a VIRUS! If
    any third-rate anti-virus programs should find something, then it is
    simply a hoax. The use of the program at their own
    Danger! I assume no liability for damages or ILLEGAL exercises.
    Program information:
    This program has the purpose of easy, comfortable, professional and
    "Graphically beautiful" can perform an update to. This program has been
    developed not only with the Cool Stream can perform updates. Also
    Dreambox, D-Box and co. can be updated with this program. This
    Program has been tested on Windows XP. Other operating systems are currently
    not tested.
    Anticipated, the program works without the INI file. Without INI file
    then uses fixed values. The program can also request for a default INI
    . produce Brief information is also in the INI file. When creating new INI
    is re-created with a short info.
    here can be assigned an IP and login. This will be in the program as
    Standard set. This is necessary above all if auto update is activated.
    In the IP address of the receiver DEFAULT_IP is entered, the default_user
    Username DEFAULT_CODE and then the password.
    "AboutByStart" means when the program starts immediately the ABOUT window
    can be. Here then are also given information about the course before
    should be. "AboutByStart = 1" would then ABOUT window at startup.
    "UpdateAndExit" means that after the update automatically exits the program
    can be. After updating the program is terminated automatically when
    UpdateAndExit = 1 has been set.
    "Auto update" does that mean when the program starts immediately to start the update
    can. If AutoUpdate is set to 1, the program starts in automatic mode.
    Commander should then IP and login to be set correctly.
    Start "visible update" is the DOS window visible or invisible at the
    Scripts. If visible update is set = 1 in the DOS window displays all information
    displayed. This function should not only be built, since a LOG
    can be created.
    "CreateLOG" a LOG file when you run the script can be created.
    CreateLOG = 1 means a Update.log is created. This may open
    be looking for errors.
    "ConfigDatei" here is the file name created to be executed.
    Config = config.txt is to say that the script is in the same folder
    Program and is called config.txt. It is also possible paths outside
    assigned to the program, or even on a different hard drive.
    config.txt config.txt must also mean not necessarily.
    Here, program information, copyright and script writers are entered.
    This information will be displayed in the program under ABOUT.
    "Update" the headline or short form of the update is the subject or similar.
    "Info" here, an information of the update, to be entered. A
    small howto would find a place here.
    "Script" here should be the author of the script recorder.
    "COPYRIGHT" here should be the programmer, developer or inventor of the update
    "Program" here is the programmer of this program, "CoolStream Update"
    Thx to geballer
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