Does Amico work with dongles?

For Amiko SHD-7900-8000,STHD-8800, SHD-8900 ALIEN
with plugin
MCAS.STRIPPED 16-06-2011
there is com port option on/off

Please try alien with dongle.

It has not twin protocol, but u see, any globo... HD works with dongle if we choose SSSP protocol.
So alien very likely will work with dongle (f.i. microbox, morebox, atlas). I can not verify it.
Pls, try alien with dongle, try 19e, half 13e, art jsc 7w. It would be amazing, thx.

Very similar to Alien is GI 8129. Is there a plugin for SSSP? Have u tried it with dongles? Thx.