Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 31-08-2011

Spanish national public broadcaster RTVE has renewed the satellite platforms for Africa and Asia-Oceania for two years, with the possibility of extending it to four years.

This move means that viewers from these continents will be able to continue watching Canal Internacional Africa or Canal Internacional Asia, Radio 1 and Radio Exterior.
These renewals will necessitate some changes to the reception parameters of users, who will have to modify their receivers to be able to continue getting the current broadcasts. The changes affect both the platforms. In the case of Africa -and given the inability to carry on relying on the current satellite to distribute the RTVE signals - it is necessary for the dish to be reoriented to the new orbital position of 5º West. In Africa it is the Eutelsat AB3 satellite that is transmitting the RTVE signal, while in Asia it is the AsiaSat 5 satellite transmitting the signal.