Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 31-08-2011

Emphasising very clearly how it has outgrown its STB roots, Pace is now focusing on the huge potential of the home TV cloud with the launch of the Elements software platform.
By offering cloud-based capabilities within the new video and broadband software, Pace believes that it is giving operators full control to develop their services how and when they want.

Essentially, Elements supports the design, delivery and management of digital content and services into and around the home, enabling operators to provide a consumer experience anywhere, anytime, and across any device.

Crucially, Pace argues that the platform will open up new revenue opportunities by giving service providers the tools to deploy new applications and features across different devices.

Yet the cloud-based user interface means that subscribers can personalise their video experience and access content in a consistent way, no matter what type of connected device they are using.

This could include creating new live TV experiences by enabling users to personalise their own football viewing, recommend must-see moments to friends, and instantly pull and share team stats, as well as social networking and over-the-top (OTT) content.

In addition the new infrastructure is designed to support advanced search capabilities that help consumers discover and access different types of content across multiple sources within a managed service.

At launch, the platform consists of three modular products, customisable according to operators’ specific requirements. These extend from the operator’s network into consumers’ homes, supporting all aspects of multi-device content management, delivery and user experience.

Specifically, the modules offer cloud-based software components that deliver customisable, visual and interactive services; a user interface product that provides the visual components for creating end-user experiences; and device software incorporating middleware, operating system and SDKs for set-top boxes, media gateways and other client devices around the home.

Commented Mark Loughran, regional Pace president: “Consumers are demanding new services, but want home entertainment to be a straightforward, enjoyable experience - as simple as turning on a light switch. This challenge demands a new way of thinking.
“Elements is an important leap forward. It puts our customers in the driving seat, giving them complete power over how they develop their services. By taking control of their platform and the consumer experience it delivers, operators can grow their subscriber base, find new ways to monetise, and stay one step ahead of their market.”