i have a box which i am told is made from strong 4620XII, inside is a ALi M3329D A1

the firmware for the box can be found here

anyone can tell me if i can add a softcam to this firmware and if so how ?

any help appreciated, if its possible to do but you require payment please pm me discuss fees

there is 1 software called Dz-ELI_KeyEditor
it connects and identifies bootloader and other info

bloque id : E30000010
taille du bloque: 000200000
crc32: 4E435243
NCRC version: 02.0.0
date: 2011-04-07

bloque id: 01FE0101
taille de bloque: 000F0000
taille des donnees: 000E64A1
CRC32: B46304E5
version 1.0.0
date: 2011-5-14