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Thread: GigaBlue basic instructions

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    GigaBlue basic instructions

    1st Software Download e.g. at.
    2nd We have loaded two folders down (PREFLASH AND FINISH).
    3rd We need one.
    4th First we copy the contents of.
    5th In the display you see about 3 seconds and then boot load 2 sec / Flash, it is ready when _E2_ appears.
    6th Unplug the box again and remove the stick back into the PC and the files.
    7th The files of.
    8th The stick back into the plug and GigaBlue.
    9th Now goes on the actual software, the display is about 5sec. BOAT, then 4:50 Min Load.
    Do not panic, is it taking so long and then he starts with E000, etc.
    We wait until the display is _E2_.
    It then takes another 22 minutes.
    Now unplug the box from power, remove the stick and plug it back again.
    USB stick with FAT 32
    PREFLASH to the stick (+ cfe.dmt burn.bat)
    Finish on the stick (+ ker_e2.img burn.bat)
    The first Start
    I'm here by default, which for me are the right ones!
    Video I set to HDMI (for the new plasma or LCD TV) and the video mode to 1080i
    I put in the left image, the television frequency to 50 Hz and OK, I'm going in the right image to No and OK.
    This is for his language.
    Now begin the startup settings, just OK.
    The query again, just OK.
    Here, the tuner is adjusted.
    It is very important that one is there to DiSEqC.
    Even if you only have one satellite,
    in the software is still a small error.
    Here you can choose whether the default
    Wants to install two lists, in the image has already been
    there are.
    Will you have the default channel list, you must
    Select what you want to install.
    In my case, only Astra.
    When the installation is complete channel list,
    we simply click OK.
    In this picture you can decide whether to
    want to turn on Parental Controls. (Possible later)
    Now we come to the network setting,
    Just click OK.
    I click OK here, because I want to DHCP.
    Of course you can also set a manual IP.
    The box is now configured and we click
    Now we see this picture, with the colored buttons
    You can select Miscellaneous.
    I click the red button and look for a station
    out for testing. (The first HD for example)
    Finding the IP address that the box automatically (DHCP)
    get from your router.
    Menu - Settings - System - Network (see pictures)
    Click Adapter Settings, and then you see the network address of the box.
    In my case the address is:
    So that we can install plugins, we need the software in the receiver
    Link fits.
    We start the program Gigablue-E2-extra-addons-patch.exe
    found in the above Gigablue forum.
    Our IP address we enter into the top line.
    When USERNAME: root login, we write.
    A password is not given, so the field remains free. Then we click on PATCH ME
    If all correct
    set was
    appears following
    Now he is in the link
    Very important is the restart after the program was installed.
    We go to Menu - standby / reboot, and then click Restart.
    The receiver now moves down and up again, this takes a little.
    When the box comes up again, we click on the remote control on the blue.
    It seems the RED panel.
    We press on the blue button again and arrive
    to the menu manager addon.
    The first thing I click on Download addons and look for one here
    appropriate skin (surface representation) from.
    I'll take the Vali_HD_Atlantis_Gigablue because of my runs
    Experience, at best. It starts the download.
    It is the query whether
    it wants to install.
    To yes and click OK.
    In this window you can see
    below, which he installed.
    If this message below
    appears it is finished and we
    1 x press the EXIT button
    Now we go to download an extra
    To install EMU. The procedure is as
    in the instructions above for the plugins.
    If this is done, we push back the
    EXIT key to us in normal TV mode
    To activate the skin, we go to menu - system up scrolling down then up to the second page and
    go there on skin.
    We select our skin, and click OK. The box will now restart, which we acknowledge.
    Now we have simply stand the basic framework.
    Connect the hard drive
    At the rear USB port is also possible to connect a hard drive.
    Please make sure that when a disk drive without power adapter is a USB cable, often,
    which has zweiUSB plug. You should get you for this case, a USB power adapter
    (See picture).
    Now normally makes the box and connects to the hard disk.
    Now you drive the receiver again.
    We now go to Menu - Settings - System - hard drive - initialization.
    It is angzeigt the connected hard drive and we press the OK button.
    Now you see the bottom left initialize RED. So we press on the red
    Button and the disk will be formatted and integrated.
    Then I do a complete restart of the receiver.
    From now on you can absorb it.
    Option button by using the example, I would like to briefly address the Multiquickbutton.
    So you can put everything at your fingertips. It should be noted that it does not occupy key twice!
    Menu - Extensions - Multiquickbutton - Green. Here we scroll on subservice Select and press OK
    Now the red dot is in front of green. We now press on the green and save the tste quite like that.
    Now you have the green button on the options button.
    Thanks Gigablue1
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