Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 01-09-2011

Newspaper and TV affiliate giant Gannett Co. and Yahoo! will expand their local advertising partnership from nine to all 19 broadcasting division markets in the US by February 2012.

Gannett's local advertising partnership with Yahoo! leverages Yahoo!s search capabilities and provides dynamic targeting based on information like geography, demographics, behaviors and interests, as part of Gannett's overall marketing services. Gannett's Broadcasting Division markets, all 81 of Gannett's local publishing organisations offer Yahoo! advertising as part of their integrated marketing services.

Gannett's local media organizations typically reach 80% or more of the total digital audience in each of the markets that offer the Yahoo! advertising partnership, the companies said.

"Yahoo! is committed to making sure local businesses reach high-quality target audiences," said Lem Lloyd, Yahoo!'s vice president of North America channel sales, in a statement. "By expanding our relationship with Gannett, we're reinforcing our commitment to extend Yahoo!'s local offering, providing advertisers access to the technology and scale they need to effectively reach these audiences."

He added, "Yahoo! offers all the elements needed for great advertising today: the science to understand and target an audience, the art to create lasting engagement with consumers through context, and the scale to reach the right person in the right setting in meaningful numbers."