09.09 Europe/London, September 1, 2011 By Robert Briel

IFA 2011 BERLIN. Panasonic has announced it is adding HbbTV functionality to its VT-30 TV sets. The CE manufacturer has also said it will update its 2011 and most of its 2010 models with the Viera Connect and Viera Connect Market services.

With the addition of HbbTV on some of its TV sets, Panasonic falls in line with other CE manufacturers, who also are incorporating the new hybrid standard into their devices.

Meanwhile, Panasonic is also extending its own connected services under the Viera brand. The manufacturer has added an app market, called Viera Connect Market. There will be free apps as well as paid-for applications in the shop including games.

Panasonic has also added Twitter and Skype apps to its connected TV functions. Viewers can also use the market the buy accessories, such as 3D glasses, for their TV sets.

The app market is available on all new sets, TV and Blu-ray, as well as Home Cinema sets, and a firmware upgrade will be released for its 2010 models. This inlcues TV sets, Bluray players, Bluray recorder and Home Cinema systems.