Editor ©RapidTVNews | 02-09-2011

Maintaining its recent flurry of activity, Pace is to launch what it calls a next generation ‘smartbox’ that seamlessly interconnects pay-TV and broadband content with any screen in the home.

The Media Gateway, to be launched at the forthcoming IBC, is designed to opening up opportunities for operators to monetise new over-the-top (OTT) and on demand content.

It will repurpose content in real-time to provide the basis to distribute broadband and broadcast content and data to screens, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and Pace's new range of client device set-top boxes, using MoCA, Powerline, wired or wireless networking.

The gateway is also claimed to be able to provide full network management capabilities that allow operators to monitor and manage the home network and user interaction, and troubleshoot and fix issues remotely.it also has the capability to offer high-speed interfaces to support rapid content download.

Pace also believes that its new device will remove the complexity of delivering converged IP and broadcast services across a broad range of devices to ensure a consistent and enjoyable consumer experience. It says that operators will have the business benefit of lower costs by reducing customer service calls and truck-rolls.

The Media Gateway can be integrated with Pace's Elements software platform that has recently been launched or with any other vendors' conditional access, middleware and user interface software, according to operator requirements.

"With our new Media Gateway, the networked home can go beyond interconnecting multiple TVs," said Mark Loughran, regional president, Pace. "End-users want home networks, but they don't want to deal with the complexity of creating and managing them. This creates a clear opportunity for managed service providers that can meet this challenge.