Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 02-09-2011

The African Movie Channel (AMC) has teamed up with SyncTV to deliver content to audiences via Roku streaming media players and Samsung web-enabled TVs.

The channel, a UK-based video on demand service specialising in African-made films since 2006, provides content from the Nigerian film industry – known as Nollywood – as well as other African studios. In addition to on demand films and drama series, AMC offers 24 hour linear TV channels and licenses African content for TV broadcast and in-flight entertainment to a worldwide client base.

“As African Movie Channel continues to sign agreements with strategic, high profile content partners, we are also expanding our alliances with top distribution avenues to increase the awareness of our offerings,” explained AMC’s Lola Onigbogi, co-director and founder.

“It is important for us as representatives of Nollywood and other African motion picture houses to expand the viewership and share our distinctive entertainment with those outside of the EMEA region,” AMC’s Ms Onigbogi continued.

“The digital platform is emerging as a top content distribution channel, and we recognise SyncTV as an extremely valuable asset in enabling the broader exposure of Africa-origin films to universal audiences.”

California-based SyncTV – which delivers TV services to internet-connected TVs and mobile devices -will, thanks to its deal with AMC, now be able to distribute top African titles such as The Narrow Path, Silence Of The Gods, Arugba, Clinic Matters and Mary Slessor.

“African Movie Channel is a beacon for African culture and heritage that provides authentic video content to viewers around the world and SyncTV is proud to power their global distribution services,” said Dennis Wilkinson, vice president of sales and marketing, SyncTV.

“SyncTV’s advanced turnkey Internet broadcasting platform allows AMC to significantly expand their viewership by providing unparalleled access to its high-quality content on numerous media devices,” he added.

SyncTV also enables content for PictureBox by NBC Universal; Bollywood Nirvana; Aimflicks; The Concert Channel; Dream Link Entertainment; Jaroo; Kidlet; Oasis TV; and Wieder.TV.