Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 02-09-2011

Agra-based Sea TV has installed new video compression network infrastructure for its multi system operation delivering over 200 standard (SD) and high definition (HD) channels via cable in North India.

The new systems, all from Thomson Video Networks, comprise ViBE SD and HD encoders for the MSO’s digital cable head end, along with a transport stream processor and an XMS management system, and have been integrated by local cable and satellite company Modern Communication and Broadcast Systems (MCBS).

“The digital media market in India is highly competitive, with operators working extremely hard to establish an advantage that will attract new subscribers,” said Tony Berthaud, director of sales and services, APAC, for Thomson Video Networks.

“Sea TV Networks saw a clear superiority in the picture quality with the Thomson encoders, and the overall efficiency of the system will deliver the best return on investment as Sea TV expands over the years,” he added.

Through efficient video compression, the Thomson system provides cable operators with the ability to deliver more channels using existing fixed bandwidth.

Sea TV services cable operators in and around Agra, as well as providing its own regional channels free of charge to subscribers of Sea TV. These include Sea News, a 24 hour Uttar Pradesh news channel, and Sea Jinvani – a channel for followers of the Jain religion.