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Thread: Few Questions

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    Few Questions

    Lot of people recomended me this forum as place where i can learn more about satelite television, iam new at this field and like to learn more.However, there are some questions that i would like to be answered soon, so i hope some of you can help me.
    I have echо smile dvb-s 881 and my question is, what can i do with it?
    Iam on Eutel sat W2 and i was wondering, are there any premium chanels?
    Are there keys for them at this forum or some other place?
    Where can i find the keys?
    Where can i find the informations i need to add the chanels manualy?
    My reciver is from 2009, is there any software update that i should and could apply via usb?
    Is there anything important i should know about my reciver?
    Well, thats it.. :) I have other questions too but will take look at the forum, as iam sure i will find the answers and learn more, theese questions are priority to me, thats why i opened new topic.
    Thank you for answers, and looking to meet you better at the forums :D
    Thank you
    Hyper Freak

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    Re: Few Questions

    I talked to some people and they say reciver is the same as Echolite/Echosmart.
    I aredy found the forum, there are some keys inside some firmware..But couldnt find the answers :(

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    Re: Few Questions

    The same story. with all Echolite/Echosmart receivers ! They put receivers to the market & that is it ! Software support for all receivers is near by=0 !!! I sold my Echolite for that reason !

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