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Thread: NeutrinoHD2_Snapshot_2011_09_04

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    It is a snapshot for the stable and Ipbox910HD for the Twin Box 9000HD

    Usb-910HD image
    910HD usb_all_noboot
    910HD flash_kernel_root.img
    can be directly flashed by neutrino GUi under Software Update. (Hint: this is channel volume is saved by good volume to the volume car Anapssungen volume differences between AC3 and MPEG audio)

    Lazy boxes for the twin who is a station Suclauf make it last even ready-made settings to copy the image (to / var / tuxbox / config / zapit), settings for the second tuner (the multi-tuner) are not yet using the services . xml is used for NeutrinoHD2 is the case in a channel scan on the second tuner nötwendig.

    9000HD usb-image

    Thanks mohousch

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