Exclusive image adjustment OpenPli knife BlackHorseLite on 4/9/2011

Dear brothers, Knowing Peace

Today offer you modify the very beauty and lightness of the image OpenPli motherfuckin After the additions you made ​​to the picture becomes very good Taalo review amendments

*- Add Pot Logo wonderful Hd

*- Add Arabic and French language next to English

*- Change the original knife with a knife turned him from a picture to Nmiss image Play produce a serious brother Zeno name knife BlackHorseLite

*- The amendment to the lines and the knife in some of the things to be the best Mmy it was

*- Albayekonat knife supports those who wish to add

*- Add Blajan Cccam Info away from the Var area

*- Add Blajan EcmInfo away from the Var area

*- Add Blajan Inadyn Configuration away from the Var area

*- Add Blajan Minicat Key Updater away from the Var area

*- Add Blajan MoviePlayer away from the Var area

*- display might change channels by pressing the Help button and then ok

*- Add Ahdt file includes satellites from the satellites Hisbasat30 hgn TurcSat42

*- Note is passed through the program or program DreamUp FlashWizard

leave you with the saccharin-shot image of the

brothers leave you to download the image and enjoy my greetings to all