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Thread: New Updates from Dmm

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    New Updates from Dmm

    05 September 2011 - Improved flash error correction
    Starting today, images for the models DM500HD, DM800 SE and DM800HD PVR include an improved flash error correction feature.

    In order to benefit from the improvements, it is required that you either flash the new image with the latest version of DreamUP or flash a new second stage loader ( DM500HD DM800HD PVR DM800 SE ) before flashing the image via your browser or other means.

    If you use the online update functionality, the new second stage loader will automatically be installed after rebooting.

    It is recommended that you flash the new image for improved stability.


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    Re: New Updates from Dmm

    New second-stage loader and small kernel update - Important notes before you update!
    After the driver update from last week are now following the slow enigma2-related bugfixes. There is now a new second-stage loader and new images for the DM8000, DM800, DM500 and DM800se HD. However it must be noted when updating a lot.

    Before I report on the changes in the images, Enigma2 and the second-stage loader, there are several important notes - this time on purpose at the outset so that they can not be ignored.

    Important notes before updating!

    To the users of the DM800, and DM500 HD DM800se: To take advantage of the new features, you have several options to get a new image. Either flashes you the new image on DreamUp, or one performs only an online update (in this case, always ensure that the new second-stage loader is installed!) And flashes then the new image as normal using the browser, like any other .

    To the user of the DM8000: This just goes to run the online updates, a re-flashing is not necessary.

    Important notes for the update!

    If you run the update, so old no longer dflash images (or other tools) are played back! This can only be via the web interface or DreamUp be played back. Please do not use a dflash in conjunction with a new image in Flash and old image! Current Images, so new as of 9/5/2011, but can be easily installed on dflash.

    Detailed installation instructions for the update

    To benefit from the innovations of the second-stage loader and the driver, it is necessary to flash a new image.

    As I said, enough for the DM8000-users a simple online update.

    With the DM800, and DM800se DM500HD is necessary after the update but also a new flash the images to get to the update. To simplify the whole, you can flash even without previous online updates, the latest image (must be new as from 5 September 2011) on DreamUp. But for that you need appropriate cable, which have the fewest home.

    Therefore, there is also the somewhat circuitous route via the online update. When you run the online update, the new second-stage loader is installed automatically But beware. In the case of the experimental images of the new DMM second-stage loader already available and can be updated. But those who use other images, such as Merlin2 iCVS or who will have to wait on it until the updates are entered.

    After the new second-stage loader has been installed, a new flashing the latest enigma2 images is necessary. This can be done easily via the web interface now. This image must have from 5 September 2011 or newer. At this time there is only the experimental image of DMM in question (

    After that you should not play on old images as tools dflash back! This can only be via the classical pathway with DreamUp played back or web interface!

    The innovations

    Now we will certainly ask, well worth the effort? First: Such is not the effort - everyone has been flashed once. There are only a small feature that the Dreambox is so incompatible for old images. But it is the only path from the current innovations and the innovations is to benefit in the future.

    With this update you can update the driver again, among other things. Thus, a deadlock has been fixed, as well as problems with the hybrid tuner (Changelog).

    Besides the small Linux kernel update (Changelog) also give the new second-stage loader is. When the DM8000 support for 256 MB of flash chips of the new generation brings.

    The real innovation, which makes the somewhat more complicated update effort is necessary, however, the improved error correction of flash memory (Changelog).

    As great as the changes are thus not yet, but it all looks reasonable to conclude that preparations for a coming here and probably very large Enigma2 update be made. This is certainly associated with the new DM7020 HD, which will soon hit the market, as well as the announced HbbTV (and maybe even a new Linux kernel for Enigma2).

    Obviously doing something that seems so at the images, which actually was always an indicator that a major update and a receiver-release shortly before standing. We can just wait and see what kind of updates and new features since we are still in the coming days and weeks before.

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