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Thread: Latest Secondstage For DM800

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    Latest Secondstage For DM800

    05 September 2011 - Improved flash error correction

    Starting today, images for the models DM500HD, DM800 SE and DM800HD PVR include an improved flash error correction feature.
    In order to benefit from the improvements, it is required that you either flash the new image with the latest version of DreamUP or flash a new second stage loader ( DM500HD DM800HD PVR DM800 SE ) before flashing the image via your browser or other means.
    If you use the online update functionality, the new second stage loader will automatically be installed after rebooting.
    It is recommended that you flash the new image for improved stability.
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    Re: Latest Secondstage For DM800

    Hello friends!
    I want to request some details about that new secondstage SSL84.
    My clone is: SSL82, SIM201, DM800HD PVR.
    1) that SSL84 can be applied onto my type of box? - I ask because on some sites I saw that SSL84 was only for 800SE;
    2) can I upgrade my box to SSL84, via browser, and let the actual image I use? - will be some improvements?
    3) if I will flash my box with latest original firmware, "release-DM800-3.2.0", before reboot that SSL84 must be flashed again?
    Thank you in advance and best regards.

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