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Thread: TM5400 Super help please.

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    TM5400 Super help please.

    I have a TM5400 Super. I have loaded patch 149, I think that is the newest. What should be open. Does not seem to be any different. Also loaded softcam. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: TM5400 Super help please.

    Hi Gazza i also have a TM5400 SUPER PLUS and with patch 149 i was able to open the TNTSAT and CANALSAT channels which were not available with the previous patch i had. These channels are on the ASTRA satellite at 19 EAST. The frequencies for these channels are as follows: CANALSAT - 11736V, 11776V, 11973V symbol rate 27500. Also ESPN AMERICA on 12661H s/r 22000. TNTSAT frequencies are as follows: 12284V (s/r 27500) , 12698V s/r 22000, 12728V s/r 22000. 11933V , 11894V, 11816V s/r 27500, 12520V s/r 22000. Are you able to receive the ASTRA satellite or do you have a fixed dish on a different satellite? Please let us know how you get on. Regards.

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    Re: TM5400 Super help please.

    Hi Zanny. Thanks for that. I will try those frequencies. I have a motorised dish. Have you had any luck with 39* East. I cant seem to see anything open thats worthwhile watching. May be its just me. Sorry I have been a while getting back.

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    ESPN America (Re: TM5400 Super help please.)

    Hi Zanny. I have a different receiver (Echosmart DSB-791) and I'm dying to watch ESPN America. Please, can you give me some help (and keys) for the ASTRA satellite at 19 EAST ESPN AMERICA on 12661H s/r 22000? Or in fact any satellite and/or frequency? I've been trying codes from different sources, I can watch a lot of scrambled channels, however not ESPN America. Thanx in advance, bejo.

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    Re: ESPN America (Re: TM5400 Super help please.)

    Hi bejo. i am not familiar with your receiver but i guess you will need to look in this forum under the RECEIVERS section and look to see if there is a patch for your receiver. Normally the patch will give details of what packages your receiver should open.The ESPN AMERICA channel comes under the CANALSAT package. It is not just a question of inserting the keys only you also need the right software. Also there may be other users who may be able to help you. Let me know how you get on. Regards.

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    Re: TM5400 Super help please.

    Hi gazza. on HELLASSAT at 39 EAST you should be able to open some BULSAT channels . Channels include DISCOVERY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and NOVASPORT which shows a lot of live PREMIER LEAGUE football. The channels are found on frequencies 12522 H s/r/30000 12563 H s/r 30000 and 12686 H s/r 30000. I am glad to hear that you have a motorized dish. Did you install it yourself and which motor and dish size do you have? Also what satellites are you picking up? Regards.

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    Thumbs up Re: ESPN America (Re: TM5400 Super help please.)

    Hi Zanny, thanx for your reply. I could not decode ESPN anywhere, anyhow with my receiver. Actually, I think it's time to get a new one. Can you recommend yours? (Can you please post exact details (type, HW/SW version), if yes?) Or any other recommendation, please?

    So I installed my 10+ years old Technisat DVB card in my PC, grabbed ProgDVB and vPlug and YES! parts of the CANALSAT package are still decodable including ESPN America ))). Thank you so much for your help, without your recent posting about ESPN still being available with CANALSAT I wouldn't even have tried, would've believed it's not possible anymore, as all other packages were available with my receiver just like described on forums. So thanx again & regards, bejo.

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    Re: TM5400 Super help please.

    Hi Zanny, I have a 90cm dish, just bog standard motor and dish. Bought a package off one of the big on line sat shops. Did not install myself. I pick up masses of sats, not that most are any good. I can not clear
    anything at moment. Tried patch after patch and same with soft cam. Ready to rip the thing down and bin it. Sorry for the very late reply.

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    Re: TM5400 Super help please.

    Thanks for the frequencies. I don't have those frequencies. I will try a scan to see if they come up. Looked for Nova Sport, don't have that either. What are the Bulsat channels. I see them mentioned all the time. I was Looking on 39 East.

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    Re: TM5400 Super help please.

    Hi Gazza. If you don,t have the frequencies for NOVASPORT etc i suggest you do the following: a) go to the HELLASAT satellite at 39 EAST. b) Check in your receiver menu ( ie INSTALLATION - SATELLITE SETUP ) for signal strength quality. c) If you have a good signal then do a BLIND SEARCH. This should bring in NOVASPORT and the other channels. At the moment do you get any channels from 39 EAST?. If not it could be your dish is not set up properly. Give it a go and see what you get. Also for your motor are you using USALS or DISECQ(1.2)?. Hi Bejo. Thanks for the compliments, I am pleased for you that you are able to watch ESPN AMERICA. My receiver is a TECHNOMATE TM5400 SUPER PLUS. H/W version is 1.10 and S/W is 149p (tyhis is the latest patch). I can tell you that i am very happy with this receiver and i paid 85 english pounds for it. I also brought a motor for this receiver so i am able to watch a lot of satellites. My advice to anybody who wants to buy a new receiver is always check that it gives you what you are looking for ie USB , BLIND SEARCH , can it be motorized, can it be patched etc etc.. Also remember that in the near future a lot of channels will be going to HD. Good luck and lets us know how you get on. Regards.

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