Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 05-09-2011

French interactive studio Visiware has launched new technology, PlayAlong, designed to make television shows interactive.

Already developed on the international market, it allows viewers to play along with TV programme from their own home through a PC, smartphone or tablet. As many as 200 programs are already using this technology, broadcast in seven countries with more than eight million games played.

In France, PlayAlong has been chosen as the interactive solution of Endemol France’s new daily Game Money drop on TF1. So have other international channels such as Antena3 (Spain), SBS6 (Scandinavia), TV2 (Norway), ZDF (Germany).

“It is a totally new form of a long term, interactive television experience which can revolutionize and reinvent interaction between the viewer and the channel,” Visiware commented.

The company offers a turnkey solution with a massive multiplayer platform offering live management tools and internet multi-media applications. This allows the producer to initiate live or pre-recorded interactivity, modify quiz questions in real time and send messages directly to their viewers. Visiware is preparing the launch of new formats for more countries.