Iaki Ferreras RapidTVNews | 06-09-2011

Fox Latin American Channels (FLAC) has launched a new feed for the Utilsima lifestyles channel in ten key markets in the region.

The new feed will be distributed in Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador and the Caribbean.

The channel will offer more than 200 hours of original lifestyle content concering gastronomy, fashion and handicraft. It will also show original productions made by Fox Toma 1, apart from the new season of the 'Cocineros al lmite' reality TV series.

"Utilsima has become an icon of the Latin American lifestyle and it continues to extend abroad" said Emiliano Saccone, Executive VP for Global Content at Fox International Channels and at the same time Editorial Director at Fox Latin American Channels.

"We will continue to generating hundreds of hours of contents,100% original, with highlighted talents of the region adding to the hundreds of specialists already being part of this channel," he added.