Editor ©RapidTVNews | 06-09-2011

Leading Chinese cableco Wuhu CATV has embarked on a significant infrastructure upgrade in order to be able to take advantage of what it believes will be a pay-TV bonanza.

The operator, which serves the Anhui province of the country, is to personalise TV services with scalable and flexible video on demand (VOD) solutions as well as time-shifted TV and networked PVR (nPVR).

Wuhu CATV, which already offers more than 100 TV channels to over 300,000 consumers, says that it is reacting to the opportunity for future growth by deploying a system that includes the OpenStream Digital Services Platform by Ericsson,.

“The number of pay-TV subscribers is expected to increase from 362 million in 2010 to 481 million by 2016 according to Informa, and we are pro-actively taking the necessary steps to ensure that our existing and future viewers can enjoy innovative, next generation TV services,” said Wang Hao, General Manager, Wuhu CATV. “We therefore required a system that offers the capability to scale our services quickly and easily with field proven open standard interoperation in a multi-vendor environment. [The new] solution offers us all this, as well as the reliability and level of performance that we needed.”

The new on-demand service delivery platform is attributed with addressing the critical functions required of a next-generation platform, and enabling key differentiators in the areas of multi-screen support, scaling, flexibility, and enterprise management.

Ericsson’s Xport Time-Shifted TV solution has been deployed to manage multiple sites simultaneously over a centralised management console. In addition to eliminating the need for personnel at each remote location, it is also said to narrow the opportunity for error by having one source handle all programming, allowing for the centralised control and management of the program recording, in accordance to contractual obligation.