Editor ©RapidTVNews | 06-09-2011

Multi-screen digital TV services provider Verimatrix is to unveil at IBC a range of enhancements to its flagship VCAS solution in order to address the growing over the top (OTT) sector.
The newly beefed up Verimatrix Video Content Authority System is said to be able to support a wider greater range of subscriber features as well as enhanced security profile for OTT video delivery.

Noting that the number of connected, or Internet-ready, devices capable handling adaptive rate streaming video has dramatically expanded just in the last year, the company say that there is now increased need for fine grain security capabilities that parallel the options employed on traditional managed RF and IP delivery networks. It also believes that pay-TV service providers are recognising ever more the need and opportunity to develop hybrid network services that combine existing services with secure OTT options.

Verimatrix adds that a further service provider requirement is to combine live content with the ability to jump forward and backward, with on-demand and catch-up programming to create options for unlimited timeline navigation.

Addressing these issues, the enhancements contained within VCAS fundamentally set out to provides a complete digital TV security solution for OTT services over networks implementing the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

Dynamic copy control parameters enforce output control parameters to prohibit unauthorised copying of streamed content, while on-screen display (OSD) fingerprinting has been added to force periodic displays of a device identifier overlay to deter unauthorised retransmission of streamed content. There is also support for multilingual programming and service delivery that extends the value of encoded HLS assets across a wider geographic footprint.

Local file cache and playback options will make possible locally downloaded content in secure HLS format to extend range of service delivery options.

“We are experiencing the maturing of the OTT video market where network operators are now able to blend OTT into their traditional services – from an operational, technology and revenue model perspective. This requires enhanced OTT security functionality and options in order to deliver premium content to OTT devices,” said Petr Peterka, CTO of Verimatrix.

“Our VCAS for Internet TV enhancements are in response to our customers’ specific security needs to enable a transparent experience for their subscribers, while still maintaining the appropriate level of security across devices.”