Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 06-09-2011

The number of digital TV households in Germany has risen in the past 12 months by 2.4 million to 25.5 million.

Two thirds (68%) of the total number of 37.7 million TV households now receive digital TV, according to the media authorities' "digitalisation report 2011".

One year ago, the share of digital TV households amounted to 62%. The largest growth was in the cable market: From the 18.9 million cable households, 43% now receive digital TV (2010: 38%).

Among satellite viewers, the digital TV share has risen to 86% compared with 79% one year ago. Until the switch-off of analoge satellite television on 30 April 2012, 2.3 million DTH households still have to upgrade their equipment for digital reception.

Cable remains the leading TV reception method with 50% of TV households while 45% have chosen DTH satellite. DTT follows with 12% and IPTV with 3%. While DTH reception has slightly gained market shares, cable operators had to face slightly declining cutomer numbers with IPTV having enjoyed the largest growth.

HDTV ist most spread among IPTV households: 33% of them own an HD TV set and HD receiver. Among satellite households, the share is 27% and 16% among cable subscribers. In total, 4.5 million DTH households receive HDTV followed by 3 million cable households and 378.000 IPTV households. HDTV is not transmitted via DTT in Germany.