Agama Technologies has announced the deployment of its IPTV headend monitoring solution at UK ISP TalkTalk. It provides real-time monitoring of all streams, detecting everything from packet loss to freeze-frame conditions.

Its with great pleasure I see that our powerful headend monitoring offering proved to be the best fit for TalkTalk, enabling massive content level analysis in a cost and space efficient way, says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO, Agama Technologies. We warmly welcome TalkTalk as a new Agama customer, and look forward to being their quality assurance partner in the exciting future ahead of the UK market.

TalkTalk, a partner in YouView and with a limited IPTV service inherited from the former Video Networks, will be able to verify all the outgoing feeds produced at its headend. The solution detects conditions such as black screen, freeze frame, audio silence and excessive macroblocking, but also provides complete syntactic and semantic verification of all levels of the TV stream. It

The installation includes Agama Analyzer H-E, a powerful tool for 24/7 full-service quality monitoring in the headend, as well as Agama Enterprise Server for central management, presentation, and extensive alarm handling.