The new Pace Media Gateway and client device platform is part of a new converged home service being introduced by the Norwegian cable company Get.

The hardware platform that combines both Media Gateway and a companion HD client device is designed to deliver a multiscreen experience around the home. Capable of repurposing content for different screens, the Media Gateway is designed to act as a standalone cable or IP set-top box, or as a Wi-Fi-enabled client device in an advanced home networking solution.

Pace general manager Shane McCarthy said: “Pace’s mission is to help its customers combat the complexity of delivering the connected home, enabling them to deliver a great experience for their subscribers. We are very excited that Get has selected our new Media Gateway and client products for its Connected Home service, giving us the opportunity to bring the deep expertise we’ve built developing similar advanced pay-TV platforms for US operators to the European market for the first time.”

Get CEO Gunnar Evensen added: “Our customers have incredibly high performance and design expectations. We wanted a platform that would help us meet these expectations by giving us the tools to maintain a great day-to-day experience for subscribers while also taking new leaps ahead in terms of our services. Using the Pace platform, we can strike this balance. Pace helps us stay in control and manage the complexity we face in delivering all the content our customers want, on any device, anywhere in the home.”

The Pace converged home Media Gateway’s advanced video processing capabilities and DOCSIS 3.0 modem support ultra-fast downloading and streaming of media content. The platform offers dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity and distributes data using wireless networking to allow maximum flexibility for how content is delivered into and around the home.