Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 07-09-2011

To mark the launch of its latest Cartoon Network addition, Turner Broadcasting is creating what it claims is the largest branded partnership to date across the Xbox and Kinect networks.
The multi[platform launch will include includes cinema, TV and online activity for new 2D, 3D and live-action series Amazing World of Gumball is the first animation show produced by Cartoon Network in the UK, from its in-house London based studio.

The Xbox branded partnership is designed to ensure that the series enjoys the same success as it did in the US. It will be the first time that bespoke animation has been created to sit within the Xbox Live Spotlight homepage, also accessible on Kinect.

Aimed at kids aged 4 to 11, the cartoon aims to draw a deeply immersive brand experience unique to the platform, showcasing themed player avatars and wallpapers for users to download and millions of Xbox credits to give away.

Zara Cobb, Account Manager at Mediacom, Microsoft’s Xbox agency said of the campaign: “The three key objectives of this campaign for Cartoon Network are to generate curiosity around the distinctive characters in the show, build fame through engagement and encourage tune in. We truly believe that by working together with Xbox to build a unique an integrated destination within the Xbox platform that these objectives will be more than fulfilled.”

Added Sally Bezant, Director of Consumer Marketing at Turner Broadcasting: “This is a truly engaging partnership which takes our content out to where kids are, and allows them to experience and interact with it in a totally new way.”