19.28 Europe/London, September 6, 2011 By Julian Clover

Germany’s largest cable operator, Kabel Deutschland is to deploy Concurrent’s MediaHawk VX across its 8.7 million subscriber footprint.

MediaHawk VX is designed to deliver high quality video content to multiple screens from a unified video delivery solution. The software is paired with what Concurrent is describing as “100% commercially available hardware”.

“We tested several platforms and decided on Concurrent’s solution based on its performance and unique multi-screen feature,” said Lorenz Glatz, KDG’s chief technology officer. “We believe Concurrent’s ability to support both Internet video delivery and traditional TV delivery on the same platform provides us with the flexibility to expand our business to new screens and to take advantage of more efficient content delivery models.”

Within MediaHawk TV-VOD and HTTP CDN functionality is merged into a unified solution architecture. The Concurrent solution will be integrated and deployed at KDG in conjunction with Seachange’s EventIS back office system and NDS’ client solution.

“KDG’s selection of Concurrent substantially expands our presence in Europe, and is a confirmation of our investment in the region,” said Dan Mondor, Concurrent’s president and chief executive officer. “In addition to being the largest cable operator in Germany, KD is also a proven innovator, and has a well formulated strategy for the future. Concurrent is excited to be working with KD to offer their subscribers the ultimate next generation video experience.”

Kabel Deutschland launched its much anticipated video on demand service in March. It runs 2,500 hours of programming, an extensive HD offering and 3D content. Much of the library is available free of charge to KDG customers.