AAF Enigma2 Summer Image UFS 910

SH4 Duckbox Projekt Git 2691

+ neuer Kernel P207 (STM2.4)
+ neuer Havana Player 191
+ updated ffmpeg 0.6.3
+ updated multicom 3.2.4
+ introduce 3D Mode for OSD ( paint OSD twice in Side by Side or Top and Bottom )
+ [Player2 179/191] possible fix for chopped DTS sound on some files
+ [libeplayer3] support for OSD 3D modes for subtitles
+ [busybox] add busybox 1.18.5 stable
+ [at7500] flash_Extended better partitioning
+ [at7000]cam module fix
+ [at700/7000] Smartcardreader Treiber (Funktionieren die ?)
+ [tf7700] implement longkeypress support
+ [TF7700] Fixed sporadic crash in VFD plugin (hdd size)

AAF SVN m9214

+ Auto Mode Switcher 3D (3D representation of the OSD in 3D on channels / videos)
+ 3D-mode tool to send the tv automatically in the 3d mode (only works on SBS) thx light MasterCard

if it should go niche (as example):
cd / dev
rm hdmi0.0
c 253 0 mknod hdmi0.0
which must be specified as one can see with
AAF at700: / # cat / sys/class/stmcoredisplay/display0/hdmi0.0/dev

+ 3D mode on (Green ->) Blue button
+ Channel list updated
+ [E2 lng] - add PL.po for aaf panel
+ [Mc] File Browser
+ [Mc] fix imdb background search
+ [Mc] vp add default directory DeviceList and allowed DeviceList lastdir
+ [Mc] pp DeviceList you add default
+ [Mc] ap DeviceList you add default
+ [Mc] added option to remove MC main menu entries! Have a look at Settings -> Global Settings ....
+ [Mc] readd myvideo old apple trailer pys
+ [Ufs912] USB WiFi Support
+ [Ipbox] add terrestrial and cable xml
+ [At7500] add terrestrial.xml

Your AAF team

AAF_UFS910_ Summer_Image2011_FullUSB