Editor ©RapidTVNews | 08-09-2011

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Interoperability is claiming that its Interoperability Guidelines have met widespread support from global satellite TV, cable TV and telecommunications service providers.

The Interoperability Guidelines have been set up to leverage protected streaming to make premium video readily available to consumers for playback across DLNA Certified products.

The association believes that it is addressing the consumer demand for simplified access to premium commercial content, and supplier demand to do so securely, as the number of connected devices in the home increases.

"Consumers are connecting to a growing number of digital products every day and DLNA is committed to providing an experience where they can easily connect and enjoy their favourite content," explained Nidhish Parikh, chairman and president of DLNA. "DLNA has worked closely with service providers to deliver digital content across the connected home and our service provider member companies have driven the development of these Interoperability Guidelines. Together, we are enabling the delivery of Premium Video allowing consumers to access content on DLNA Certified products in their home."

Among the DLNA members is Sky for whom secure home networking of premium content is key to future development. “Global standards to allow premium content to be securely pushed onto home networks can only benefit pay-TV customers, who rightly demand more control and flexibility in the way their content is delivered," said Brian Lenz, director of product design and product development, British Sky Broadcasting. "