11.53 Europe/London, September 8, 2011 By Julian Clover

IBC 2011 – AMSTERDAM. Bandwidth savings of up to 20% can be achieved through the use of new compression algorithms, Motorola has said.

The company is launching its new closed-loop statistical multiplexer (statmux) that incorporates Motorola’s perceptual video processing (PVP) and DM-6400 CherryPicker application platform.

Operators have the option to use the feature on all or selected channels within a multiplex. For example, if five programs are contained in a multiplex, the 20% bit-rate reduction allows enough space to insert a sixth program without sacrificing video quality.

Additionally, the ST-6000 transcodes audio signals independently of video, resulting in bandwidth savings of up to 352kbps per video channel. “Lots of people don’t look at the audio side, but as you come down audio is a proportion of the content,” Motorola’s Mike Gannon told Broadband TV News. “The reduction of the video output allows you to devote more to the audio.”

Motorola’s new statmux solution is available now for trials and will be commercially available for European operators and service providers in the first half of 2012.