15.40 Europe/London, September 8, 2011 By Julian Clover

IBC 2011- AMSTERDAM. Virgin Media COO Andrew Barron has said the operator will reveal the power of TiVo gradually so as not to put off the consumer.

Speaking at the afternoon keynote session of IBC 2011, Barron said to the IBC audience, the TiVo features might at first glance appear to come from 2009 but the reality was far from the case. ďThe sophistication of things like the recommendation engine and itís ability to support a variety of content would frankly confuse them, but for a sophisticated audience like this itís routine.Ē

There had been a phenomenal response to the campaign fronted by actor Marc Warren that shows TiVo to be best product launch in the UK in last 12 months.

Barron said Virginís view of the digital entertainment experience was not too far removed from that of the UPC Horizon project.

Virgin has today announced the first major software upgrade to its TiVo platform that will incorporate an iPad application. Viewers will be able to search through the VOD library independent of the TV, before viewing their selection on the main screen.