Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 09-09-2011

Ottawa-based Espial will launch the MediaBase 10.0 on-demand video platform, which provides servers for streaming, capturing and distributing adaptive bit-rate (ABR) content.

The new version of the platform is built to enable TV Everywhere 2.0 services to smart TVs, smartphones, PCs and tablets. It will let service providers provide a full range of pay-TV services that include live TV, network personal video recording (PVR), video on demand (VOD) and time-shifted TV, to a multitude of devices.

"Service providers are looking to drive the next wave in the TV Everywhere experience across all consumer devices. Such a service offering needs to extend beyond just video on demand and include all subscription services including Live TV, Network PVR, and TimeShift TV services," noted Jason Dolvane, CEO at Espial.

He added, "As content rights issues, technology and competition evolve, Espial MediaBase is a powerful on-demand video platform for TV Everywhere 2.0 services in and out of the home.."

Carriers need to consider how to deploy TV Everywhere cost-effectively, which is another aspect of the new software. "Espial MediaBase Unified Servers deliver significant cost savings by enabling a single hardware and storage platform to serve many devices over managed networks and the Internet," Dolvane noted.