Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 09-09-2011
Seattle-based IndieFlix will work with the Dutch Media Hub in their European expansion, aimed at bringing its library of more than 3,000 independently produced shorts, features and documentaries to new audiences.

IndieFlix will provide VOD services through partnering as well as subscription and its ‘Film Festival in a Box’ product.

In the U.S., IndieFlix already has partnerships in place with Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Cox and Hulu, and is actively looking for European distribution companies willing to carry the IndieFlix product, beginning with the Netherlands as a test market.

Dutch Media Hub is a conglomerate of more than 35 Dutch companies working together to build the ‘The Digital Gateway to Europe,' offering a wide variety of services to store and to distribute content across all countries in Europe to cinema, cable, tv and online. For IndieFlix, Dutch Media Hub will provide processing and localising of content from its hub to multiple European market players and platforms.

"There is a worldwide growing interest in independent films," said Scilla Andreen, IndieFlix CEO and co-founder. "Every year, more than 60,000 independent films are made worldwide, and we want to bring this interesting content to the consumer. Having a partner like Dutch Media Hub helps us with the European rollout especially getting a better understanding of local market needs and ways to service that."