Nagra adopts Gracenote for multiscreen data
07.31 Europe/London, September 10, 2011 By Julian Clover

IBC 2011 – AMSTERDAM. Programme information from Sony’s Gracenote service is to be integrated into Nagra’s multiscreen television offer following an agreement between the two companies.

Matthew Huntington, Nagra’s VP of product marketing, told Broadband TV News that the kind of metadata provided by Gracenote, now also used by Sony to brand its former tvtv services, was becoming an increasingly important part of the search and discovery experience.

“Gracenote is one of, if not, the best filmography databases out there,” he said, adding that Nagra used a variety of suppliers in different use cases showing the company had an open attitude and open technology. “We don’t want people to come to us and say we’ll only offer this if you change provider.”

The Nagra IBC demonstration combines Gracenote eyeQ on-demand and linear television capabilities for the service provider.