Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 10-09-2011

Computer company Level3 has started delivering services to Canal+'s Prisa TV to support the online replaying of TV programming to PC, iPhone and iPad users in Spain.

As part of the new Prisa TV offering, Level 3 will replay up to 20 Prisa TV channels through Level 3's CDN platform.

Given that the users demand more and more an interactive experience while watching television and audiovisual content in general, the broadcasting internet solutions and mobile solutions of Level 3 are designed to offer users a quick way to obtain content on any mobile device.

"We want our viewers to have access to their favourite programmes wherever they are and here Level 3 has the network capacity, the right technical tools and a high level experienced team to help us to offer our programming to the users any time they wish" said José Amselem communications director at Prisa TV.

Level 3 Communications is an international communication service provider based on fibre optics. Enterprises, content providers, retailers and governments are among the company's clients.