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Thread: ET9500 Webbrowser HbbTV Beta Plugin

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    ET9500 Webbrowser HbbTV Beta Plugin

    Update 10.09.11 ET9500 HbbTV beta browser plugin German
    Please remove the existing web browser and install the ipk file from the attachment.
    The Web browser interface is changed in some respects.
    When you open the Web browser in the plugin, then you have to press the menu button to see all the options.
    (V-key is still virtual keyboard)


    - Favorite Web site is now done by the plugin.
    - Open the web page by the plugin and simply hide by pressing "exit". (eg if you have a button for opening the MQB web browser, they can easily and hide the Web browser)
    - Web browser running in the background
    - "Red Button" support for HbbTV. HbbTV information comes from OTA (over the air) data over the Internet.

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