Robin Hague ©RapidTVNews | 11-09-2011

Look out for some new, sometimes strange, sometimes strangely compelling specialty channels, as NDS’ Infinite TV Exchange nears commercial reality.

Announced in March, the exchange has now undergone some major development to bring it to trial readiness.

At IBC 2011, Yoni Hashkes, Senior Vice President Advance Products and Marketing for NDS, reported the Infinite TV Exchange is set for try out and talks are advancing with a number of potential clients.

"We have massively enhanced the exchange's marketplace and scheduling systems, and the playout system is real,” he says.

Infinite TV Exchange is an online television marketplace, where content owners, broadcasters and platform operators can negotiate to build channels, schedule them, broadcast the results and construct revenue mechanisms.

Content owners can upload their material and negotiate their purchase. Channel builders can then construct fully professional channels, complete with branding regimes. They can schedule the channel, constructing their own scheduling rules and continue to purchase content to fill any gaps.

Operators can then step in to negotiate carriage rights, revenue shares etc, all conducted online.

The resulting channel is ready to broadcast, automatically delivered into operators' STBs and connected devices, in-home and portable.

"Anyone can be a channel builder," says Yoni Hashkes. "This includes third parties who have content but no channel.

"It will dramatically increase revenue, consumers easily accessing the channels they're passionate about."

Linked into social media, the channels arrive under a 'my channels' tab on their EPG.

It will a space to watch, the Infinite TV Exchange providing an opportunity for increasingly specialized programming integrated into platforms, NDS claiming a first rate consumer experience,