Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 13-09-2011

IBC 2011: Oscar-winning director James Cameron claims that it will be only natural for 3D to progress toward TV and multiple screens in particular.

Speaking after winning an award recognising his and partner Vincent Pace's contribution to 3D at the inaugural ConnectedWorld Awards, Cameron said that in his opinion the 3DTV industry was in the same position that that 3D was for the film industry in 2006 and added that mass rollout may just be on the verge of happening.

The director however admitted that some challenges needed to be surmounted before 3D in broadcast could become a commercial reality.

Addressing the awards he said: “We’ve got a lot of technological hurdles to get past to do that, and there’s a lot of strategic alliances that need to be made between the right companies and the right leadership needs to be shown to make this happen. But we’re in the same place right now [in broadcast] that we were five years ago in the movie business which is chicken and egg: the exhibitors wouldn’t put in the screens until the film makers and studios made the 3D movies and vice versa; the studios didn’t want to commit to the movies unless the screens were there. We feel the same sense of excitement now about broadcast that we felt in 2005 in the movie business.”

For his part, Pace added: “I think a lot of people focus on the Hollywood aspect of where we started…the whole growth of companies has been on a strong platform of strong engineers and creative people to take [3D] out of mathematics and into the creative entertainment world and say ‘damn the numbers, if you like what you see on the screen let’s just do more of it.’ We’re just so impressed about what we see on the screen, whether it’s a broadcast event, a Martin Scorsese film or Avatar. The combination of that just says [3D] is here, it has that degree of enhancing entertainment as we know it.”