Hello all.
I have dm800hd with newenigma2 on board,currently using cccam/sbox 0.0.4-7
I have polsat n3 card,using sbox as card server for my card to cccam,and that working ok for me,but channels from card are not always decoding from card,sometimes decoding from net(peers on cccam).Ąlso channels from card going on hop1.

I now readed the sbox ver 0.0.5-1 #3 is out now and support cccam server(peers and clients),also better support is for n3 card,so I want run just sbox without cccam emu,couse sbox will do all that job and also will read my polsat card.

I need help how to configure sbox conf for polsat card and au for this,and also how to should look now users.sbox for cccam peers and users.
Mayby also is plugin for e2(newenigma2) like sbox info for checks peers,clients and local cards?

Waiting for help,regards all--have a nice day.