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Digiturk selects Irdeto for end-to-end PVR and Push VOD solution
- First deployment of integrated CA system following acquisition of CryptoWorks -

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 8 June 2006
- Irdeto, a world leader in content security for digital TV, IPTV and mobile networks and a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers (NASDAQ: NPSN and JSE: NPN), today announced that Digital Platform İletişim Hizmetleri A.S., (Digiturk) has selected the Irdeto Digital TV PVR & Push VOD solution for launch to its customers starting Q1 2007
The Irdeto solution will allow Digiturk to offer its customers an advanced personal video recorder that supports secure encrypted storage of recorded content as well as the ability to push pre-encrypted premium video on demand content to the hard drive. Digiturk will be able to use Irdeto's advanced digital rights management (DRM) functionality to sell that stored content to customers in a variety of different ways, including both subscription, pay per view and rental models.
Digiturk, established in April 2000, is the most successful Turkish video broadcaster via satellite (DVB-S) with approximately 1 million subscribers. Irdeto's PVR & Push VOD solution will be seamlessly integrated with Digiturk's existing CryptoWorks conditional access system to manage Digiturk's large subscriber base.
The Irdeto solution will provide Digiturk with a single integrated security solution to manage existing and future services such as Digital Terrestrial TV, IPTV and also DVB-H mobile TV. Subscribers who already have a CryptoWorks smart card and STB will continue to receive their existing digital TV programs without any disruption.
Digiturk offers a unique TV experience in Turkey with benefits such as digital TV quality and more than 130 national and international TV channels including exclusive Turkish Super Football League and the Turkish Cup content. In addition to movies Digiturk also offers a complete suite of programs and services including interactive Pay per View, Home-shopping, Home-banking, Game Portal, Customer Services Channel, Yellow Pages, Electronic Program Guide, News, Weather and Finance programs.
"Digiturk passed through a very detailed evaluation phase for the conditional access system of its PVR and Push VOD project and we came to the conclusion that Irdeto's solution will be the optimum combination of functionality, security and cost while maintaining the integration to our current CrytptoWorks system." said Ms. Hatice Memiguven, COO of Digiturk. "Knowing our very tight schedule for the PVR project, our expectations from Irdeto is at a very high level both from timely delivery and product functionality point of view. Irdeto's commitment has been to our full satisfaction."
"With the integration of the CryptoWorks technology into Irdeto's content security portfolio we can now offer operators using CryptoWorks a tangible roadmap to future advanced services such as PVR, Push VOD and mobile TV. Digiturk is the first CryptoWorks customer to deploy the integrated Irdeto solution. Digiturk was very advanced in their evaluation of products before they heard about the acquisition of CryptoWorks by Irdeto, so we had to move very quickly and comprehensively to convince a very discerning Digiturk team that we had a more compelling proposition than our competitors that they were very seriously considering", said Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto. "We are sure that both Digiturk and other CryptoWorks customers will continue to benefit from the additional opportunities offered by the combined forces of both companies."
About Digiturk

Digiturk was incorporated on 10 March 1999 for the purpose of broadcasting and selling and leasing communication equipment and satellite lines. The Company started its DTH (Direct to Home) television programme distribution services in March 2000
During its first five years of operations, investments totaled US$ 231 million. Digital Platform provides digital broadcasting services under the Digiturk brand name to subscribers with various package alternatives such as standard, family, cinema, sports, super, mega in addition to numerous channels. Broadcasting is carried out through Eutelsat W3A satellite. Digital Platform is the first and only name in digital platform management in Turkey and also broadcasts to Cyprus, the Turkic Republics, Europe and the USA.
In 2004, Digiturk subscribers totaled approximately 868,000 - a 13% increase over the year-end figure of 770,000 for 2003. The increase in revenue from advertising, sponsorships, football highlights, other operational revenue and the application of strict cost control measures led to efficient performance across the board.
By the end of 2004, Digiturk brought 128 television, radio and interactive channels to its subscribers in different package alternatives. Digiturk is the first and the only provider of pay-per-view services in Turkey. Digiturk subscribers are also offered a number of interactive services including Digiposta, home shopping, home-banking, interactive game portals and information on weather, financial markets and more. In addition to the language option, movie and comedy series channels have a subtitle option.
In July 2004, Digiturk signed the Turkish Super Football League contract with the Turkish Football Federation for the second time, securing live broadcasting rights for weekly games played domestically and internationally, for a period of 4 years. It also has obtained internet and mobile broadcasting rights.
Digital Platform currently employs 466 people working mainly in operational departments. The Company has a well-established network of technical services, approximately 10,000 dealers and sub-dealers plus 149 subcontractors (including KVK, Bosch, Vestel, Arçelik, Genpa and Beko sales points and chain stores such as Migros, Boyner, Carrefour and Teknosa) located in 80 cities around the country. Press contact details
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About Irdeto
Irdeto, headquartered near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a subsidiary of MIH, which is part of multinational media group Naspers (NASDAQ: NPSN and JSE: NPN), is a world leader in content security, and provides comprehensive solutions for digital content protection in digital TV, IPTV and mobile environments. The company's support, sales and R&D offices are located worldwide with corporate headquarters near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Irdeto offers both hardware- and software-based solutions. The company works with an impressive list of leading industry partners to create end-to-end solutions for any pay-media business. Irdeto's goal is to help operators increase content revenue by offering best-of-class security solutions supporting a wide range of revenue models. With the acquisition of Philips CryptoTec, Irdeto now has more than 300 customers around the world. To contact your regional office or retrieve further information on the company, please visit